Specially designed to keep your little one warm...

Are you looking for a better way to keep your little one warm when you are on the go?

With safety guidelines telling us that it is unsafe to place our little ones in coats while in their car seats, it's hard to know how to keep them warm when we are on the go. Blankets are easily kicked off or fall to one side or the other, and they don't allow little arms to move around and still be covered. We need something that won't put any extra bulkiness between the little ones' bodies and the safety straps, so they are safe in their car seats. We need something that will allow them to move their arms and legs and still be covered.

Are you looking for a product that will do this? Great! You have come to the right place!

Our fully-patented product (No. 11,019,854) was created with the needs of your little ones in mind.

Safer Ride -- The Safari Sock was designed to be placed safely over the top of both the little one and the car seat straps, so it offers extra warmth without compromising the fit of the straps. Simply buckle your little one tightly in his or her car seat, and then place the Safari Sock over the top of both the child and the safety straps.

Sleeves and Hand Covers -- The Safari Sock has sleeves to allow little ones to move their arms and hands around and still stay warm. It also includes a fold-over hand cover for days when you need to cover those little hands.

"Sock-Like" Foot Pouch -- The Safari Sock has a "sock-like" foot pouch for your little one's feet, like a mini sleeping bag, ensuring both little legs are covered and cozy all the way around. It doesn't slip to one side or the other or completely off, like a blanket would.

Fun Front Pocket -- The Safari Sock has a front pocket for pacifiers, toys, snacks, or even prizes for those who will get buckled up and ready to go without a fuss. The pocket has openings on both sides, so it is perfect for little hands to help themselves.

Easy to Remove -- Because the Safari Sock goes over the top of the straps, it is easy to remove when the car gets warm. You won't need to undo the car seat buckles to take it off.

Many Uses -- Not only is the Safari Sock a great way to keep little ones warm in car seats, it is also wonderful for outings in strollers or front harnesses. It covers their little bodies, but still allows them to move their arms freely.

Machine Washable -- Yes! You're welcome! When it gets dirty, just toss it in the washer and dryer.

New Product -- The Safari Sock is brand new to the market. Be the first to show your friends this new trend.

Made to Order -- Our Safari Socks and other products are currently made as they are ordered, making them even more personal. Please allow us time for production, but know that we will get them on their way as soon as possible.

Larger Sizes Coming Soon -- By popular demand, we will have larger sizes available soon for bigger kids and adults because don't we all want to be comfy wherever we go?

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